Thursday, July 24, 2008

So much for an innocent baseball game...

If you go to a Minor League baseball game here in Dayton, there are certain things you can expect:
* Hot dogs and Dippin' Dots
* Expensive souvenirs (and that your child will want one of everything!)
* A family oriented affair that everyone can enjoy

Well, they broke tradition tonight with one of the worst brawls in local memory - in the first inning! After a few issues, a frustrated pitcher from Peoria, Illinois threw a pitch toward the Dayton Dragon's dugout, missed, and the ball (at great speed) hit a fan. An enormous brawl started with practically every player from each team involved. It was a terrible display of immaturity and bad sportsmanship, and several fans left in disgust. The rest of us stayed, waiting for the game to be restarted after they figured who was out and who was in. It was uncertain if there was even going to be enough players left to continue the game. OVER AN HOUR later, the game was (finally!!!!) restarted but the crowd was pretty mad and a chorus of boos followed every move Peoria made. We were in the Dragon's Lair which is across the other side of the field from home plate but my photos give you an idea of the chaotic mess...

The brawl, about half way through

More fighting

Reporters outside the stadium as we were leaving

These people are idolozed by the kids in the stands and it is very hard to explain to a three year old why it is not ok to hit, when this is what he witnesses by grown people he respects! According to the news tonight, the pitcher has been charged with felony assault which is a good start. How about a public apology to the kids that were watching?

It would seem that Sean is not easily led though as on the way home he told me "Mummy, when I am on the team I won't fight. I will say "Get out of my way, I have to play baseball". "!!!!!

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Jenny from Mommin' it Up! said...

wow that is horrible!! what a bunch of jerks. we drove past last night about 8:30 and had no idea that had happened! I love Sean's take on things!