Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our fun day out!

A couple of weeks ago Sean and I had such a great, simple day out in Lebanon, Ohio. I read about a farmer's market there earlier in the day and we decided to check it out. Lebanon is about half an hour south of us and we made the trip there not too long ago to see the trains (they are a rarity in Ohio!!). We found the farmer's market and were a little disappointed to see that it was rather small. We shouldn't have been though as we had a great time! There were samples galore and we tried everything from homemade jam on mini tarts to fresh honeycomb! Yum! When we left, Sean said "Mummy, can we come back here? I really like it!"

We had our lunch by the trains, walked up and down the main street (it's a small town!) and stopped to grab some shade under every tree! It was a really hot day but Sean insisted upon wearing his jacket! We danced in the gazebo (who cares who's watching?!?!) and crossed the street to the library to read a few books and rehydrate in the air conditioning.

Before leaving, we checked out the fountain across the street from the library and ate a tiny turtle shaped chocolate at a local chocolate shop. Yummy! The farmer's market starts up near us this week so hopefully it will be as much fun!

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