Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh precious laptop, did you miss me?

Yes! Finally! This evening the internet and cable was restored to the house. It is truly unbelievable how reliant we (I!) have become on the internet. I was completely lost without it! And why no internet for so long? We had the worst windstorm in the history of Dayton, Ohio....and all we got was the remnants of Hurricane Ike! Those poor, poor people in Texas had to live through the brunt of it! Hundreds of thousands of Dayton residents without power from the onset of the storm, tens of thousands without power for over a week...some still don't have it back.

There was astounding wind damage throughout the area, far more severe than in my photos. Our street is a very tree-lined street and it was pure carnage once the wind died down. We were at a classic car show that had to be shut down 3 hours early as tree limbs were falling on the cars (and on the track for the awesome trains Sean and I were riding!). While we were leaving, a large branch fell on some poor unsuspecting guy, breaking his leg! A rather large branch fell about a foot in front of me, large enough that had it fallen on me, it definitely would have knocked me out! We drove past trees that had been uprooted, pulling up the sidewalk with them. Stores that rarely close were closed for days. Major roads and intersections were without traffic lights, some are still out! Scary stuff!

Pretending to be Fangio

Innocently enjoying the trains....

Tree carnage

Not so lucky neighbours...could have been worse I guess!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacation '08!

I know we have been back for almost 3 weeks....
It's really late now and I have been working like mad to organize my free photo book from the wonderful Shutterfly (what great timing Shutterfly!! Right after our vacation!), so here are a few pics to tide you over...I know you have been waiting and waiting for vacation pics. These are a few of my very faves.

Fuzzy and blue...all over...

What hat?

Wheeeeee!!!! This is fun Mummy!

Big buddy Bert

All by myself

It is so good to see you again!!!

Sean loved his trip to Sesame Place! We really had so much FUN! The characters were wonderful and so great with Sean. As far as he is concerned the are all now his close and personal buddies! He speaks of them often...

More photos to come (eventually!). No one cares if they are all out of order, right?