Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't go to Mimi's Cafe!

Seriously, don't go. We went for a birthday dinner this evening, a total of around 22 people, including a few kids. There was nothing wrong with the seating, they accommodated us well enough. There was, however, a huge double door at one end of the room (of course, the closest to me) and instead of having nice, sun blocking curtains like every one of the windows in the entire restaurant, it had sheer curtains. Sure they looked pretty, but it didn't help that the entire time we were seated, the sun was glaring down into my eyes and with Sean seated on my left, made it impossible to check on him without shielding my eyes. Yes, it was that bright.

The last time I was there, they brought out a kids nibblies plate without me uttering a word. This time I had to ask for one. My soda was empty for ages before it was refilled. Yes, that's how long the food took - I drink slowly!

Next, the food took forever. Sean and I had a long day (though fun!) and we were both pretty much starving by the time our order was taken. I ordered Sean a kids meal and figured that it went without saying that his would be brought out with the appetizers, as most restaurants do. This was not to be. Amazingly, Sean's was the LAST meal to be brought out - yes, the VERY LAST!!!! They fed the starving three year old last and it was SCALDING HOT! Seriously????? This from a restaurant that I read about as one of the best family oriented restaurants in the country? HA! And, the fruit provided in place of fries was not kid-friendly. How many little kids out there devour honeydew melon and cantaloupe? Not mine. Give him grapes and strawberries any day.

Sean accidentally spilled a little of his milk and the server said she would bring some napkins for us (as the cloth napkins were somehow seemingly water repellent!). A couple of minutes went by with me constantly telling Sean to leave it alone, shielding my eyes from the sun the whole time.... Then another couple of minutes, then another couple....until I finally asked another server to bring some, which she did, instantly, from the cabinet two feet away!!!!!!!!! Grrr!!!

We had to ask for a dessert menu, it was never offered, and since I accidentally ordered a half size meal (did I mention that the menu was not very clear?) I was still rather hungry. She even forgot that Sean had a kids meal - he's not even tall enough for his head to reach the top of the chair back and she forgot he had a kids meal????? - so I had to remind her to bring his dessert.

The food was good. I will give them that much credit. The service however, was an entirely different story. Needless to say, I will not be back.

**Update - I have heard from Mimi's and they were quite apologetic about my experience. They were open to changes and said they will contact me once they feel that they have corrected the issues I wrote about. Will keep you posted!

** August 7th Never heard back from them again...obviously they weren't too concerned after all.

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