Thursday, November 13, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

Baby's daddy has developed a habit of lettng Sean watch wildly innappropriate movies...the latest was "Hellboy". Now, I have never seen this movie, but the premise is that he is a 'good monster' who fights the 'bad monsters', at least according to my 3 year old. Doesn't sound too terribly different from most cartoons! However, the said 'bad monsters' have started to invade my son's psyche and he is now convinced that "there is a monster under my bed"..."in my closet"..."in my toybox"...and so on. This has made for a very lengthy bedtime routine.

This morning, Hellboy issue #2 surfaced...
I was tickling Sean while I was trying to get him dressed when he kicked out his leg. I stopped everything and told him that kicking is never ok. To which he replied..."but I just gotta kick your ass".

I didn't know what to do! My first instinct was to laugh my said "ass" off!! Of course being a responsible Mummy (who does not screen wildly innappropriate movies for her 3 year old), I did not laugh (much), and we discussed how this was never going to be something Sean was allowed to say. He seems to understand that it was wrong and that he will be in big trouble if he says it again...his Mummy will kick his ass!!!

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