Friday, November 14, 2008

Anthony Edwards and ER

I have not watched ER since they killed off Anthony Edwards character. I cried and cried when that happened. As this is the very last season (I think it's their 724th season...), they are attempting to bring back as many original characters as possible. Last night was Anthony Edwards (along with a group of the older characters to make it more plausible - and wonderful - and nostalgic!). I had to watch to see how they did know, since he was dead and all! It was absolutely brilliant. Seriously. I cried about as much as I did way back when he died. It was a look back to the past involving the current chief, and then chief Edwards. They flipped back and forth between past and present and I couldn't look away! I had intended for it to be background noise while I did other things around the house but ended up mesmerized, teary eyed and in love with Anthony Edwards all over again! If you missed it, I highly recommend checking to see if they have it online - and watch it. Even if you have never watched ER, it was such a powerful episode. It may have something to do with one of the children involved being a 5 year old boy, not much older than Sean, but regardless...excellent. Great job ER writers. You did a brilliant job.

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Todd Clingman said...

ILY! The Night Court reunion on 30 Rock was cool.