Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm...

As you probably know, I am a HUGE fan of CVS! They pay me to buy things! How could you not love a store like that? The original reason for their existence though, was as a pharmacy. They also give Extra Bucks (effectively CVS cash) for taking your prescriptions there, so I dutifully obliged.

Most recently, Sean needed ear drops as his tubes are on their way out and there was a chance of infection. Drops were prescribed and called in, of course, to CVS. I showed up, paid my $25 (!!!) co-pay, and went merrily on my way. He needed them again this week so once again, I had the prescription called in to CVS. Unfortunately, this was setting up to be a busy week with the vacation looming, so I had them change it to Target as I needed many things from there for our trip. This was also handy as I had a coupon for Target that gave me a $10 gift card with any prescription! Can't beat that!

The pharmacist rang up Sean's prescription, handed me the gift card and said goodbye! I handed her my credit card and she said "Oh, there's no co-pay with that"!!!! Ummm...excuse me? CVS charged me $25 for this very same medicine! She double checked and sure enough, completely free!!! They paid me $10 to have Sean's prescription filled at their store!

Sorry CVS, I love you and all, but apparently being a competitive pharmacy is just not your thing. Thank you Target, I will be back.

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thediaperdiaries said...

I am a huge CVS fan too, but I confess I get all my prescriptions at Target. Their pharmacy ROCKS!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog.