Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A haircut he did need!

Cookie Cutters is the greatest kids hair cut place out there! Sean was, at one time, absolutely TERRIFIED of having his hair cut. Someone, not me, insisted upon taking him to the cheapest place there is. Once they nicked his ear, he always ended up with a less than perfect haircut, and they were not qualified, nor did they have the temperament to deal with kids. His cries of fear made me cry too so I took over the haircutting duties. We went to Cookie Cutters, Sean screamed until he was blue, the wonderful stylist calmed him down and he sat there like an angel while she gave him the cutest haircut he had ever had! We have been back 5 times since then and I will never look back. They are most definitely not the cheapest but some things are worth the splurge! Sean sits in the red airplane, watches Toy story and sits there like the angelic boy he (sometimes!) is and I leave one happy Mummy! They even have a giant slide he can play on while we wait and once he is done!

This is from our visit a week ago....




Sean is always so proud of his haircuts. I heart Cookie Cutters!


Liz said...

He looks so grown up! Theres a place similar here. I havne't taken Mak for her first cut b/c that will probably be the end of her curls and I'm NOT ready for that! But when we do we will take her. Its called Shear Madness here. You've got quite the handsome lil' guy and he looks more and more like your mini-me everytime i see new pics!

Anonymous said...

He is so big and proud in that last picture! :-)

Tiff said...

Who's that young man?? heehee
What a cutie...
That looks like a similar place to where Fleur and I took the girls!! So cute!!
Did they wash his hair??